Fried mushrooms, allium ursinum (wild garlic) and kale with pork meatballs and simple tomato sauce.

WHAT? Kale in Bulgaria??? This is the first time in over 3 years I’ve seen it in a store! Last time we were in Sofia we stopped at a super fancy new grocery store and picked up a few un-Bulgairan items. I’m not going to lie, kale isn’t really that crazy delicious, I’d rather eat a whole leg of prosciutto to myself but I was happy to bring it home and prepare it as best as I know how.


Allium ursinum on the other hand, I go super crazy for the stuff! I was first introduced to it 2 years ago at our friend Hussein’s “restaurant” (more like a shack made out of plywood, old carpets and dirt) while drinking Bulgarian moonshine Rakia and dancing with random gypsies…you know, a usual Tuesday night. Here they dip it in a slightly dirty bowl of salt and eat it with shots of hard liquor and Ayran (a watered down sour yogurt drink kind of like buttermilk).  I’m 90% sure I’m allergic to the wild garlic as every time I eat it I lose sensation of my tongue for a week and have down-in-the-gut, no matter how many times I brush, floss or Scope my mouth, dragon-slaying, bad breath. I don’t care, for the one month it is available here I eat as much of it as I can and stuffer the consequences with a huge, happy (and stinky) smile on my face.


Allium ursinum

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