7 month anniversary and more.

Matt and I celebrate our anniversary every month. It’s silly and fun and a little bit crazy like us. The night before “the big day” we went to The Oyster Bar and consumed 48 oysters and many champagne flutes.


The day of, to keep with the seafood theme, I made shrimp 3 ways.  Black bean scallops with butter shrimp and cucumber mint salad.

Flock of Seagulls 055

Flock of Seagulls 057 

Above(this picture doesn’t do it justice):

To the left: shrimp with garlic and butter and crispy sage garnish.

To the right: shrimp with chorizo, tomato, garlic, onion, parsley and cilantro. Lots of fresh lemon squeezed on top.

6 month anniversary!

April 12 2011 030 

Matt asked me to be his girlfriend (cute story) on Thanksgiving 2010. Therefore it seemed appropriate to cook the turkey that’s been sitting in the freezer for our 6 month anniversary.

April 12 2011 020

April 12 2011 022

The party started with a friendly game of Wii. Matt rocked Mario World yet somehow his remote became “defective” during our bowling match. Ciders were consumed and a dance party ensued.

April 12 2011 023

April 12 2011 025

April 12 2011 029  

The turkey turned out to be one of the best birds I’ve ever eaten.

April 12 2011 047

April 12 2011 052

Check out the cat licking his lips!

 April 12 2011 057

What a night!

8am walk

Big party in the building last night. 12 am and we were bored (surprise, surprise) so went to bed. By 7:30am we were up and ready for a huge walk to the breakwater and around James bay.

April 3 2011 007

 April 3 2011 004

April 3 2011 016

 April 3 2011 011

 April 3 2011 014

April 3 2011 008


Attempt number one at a selfie.

April 3 2011 012 

Attempt number two.

April 3 2011 013

Book club chez Shona

Last Friday night was Shona’s turn to host book club. She lives with her mother in a building very similar to my mom’s building (where I lived before being taken over by Matt’s loving spell). The 55 plus resistance is fitted with psychedelic patterned carpets, lovely plastic floral arrangements and cute elevator signs like the one shown below. 


In true Shona fashion, everything was impeccable. The snacks were delicious, the drinks were at the perfect temperature and we each got a take home a goody bag.


Our next book, chosen by Carla, is Women in love by D.H. Lawrence.


Arek’s Birthday in Vancouver

Arek picked us up from the ferries and zoomed us down to Granville Island to eat at the fancy restaurant Watermark. Next, was an amazing show at the planetarium. Laser timed to the Dark side of the moon album. Truly impressive!

March 20 2011 002

March 20 2011 010

On our way to all you can eat sushi.

March 20 2011 011 

Found Carmen and Ian and the ferry ride home!!!

March 20 2011 013

Carla’s Birthday at mom’s house.

CarlaBday 2011 010

CarlaBday 2011 014  CarlaBday 2011 019

Mom making Chuck Hughes calamari with puttanesca sauce.

CarlaBday 2011 016


   CarlaBday 2011 027

CarlaBday 2011 023


The next day Chewy, mom, Barb and I hiked around Goldstream park.

 CarlaBday 2011 030

It looks like I Photoshoped them in front of a Bob Ross painting!

CarlaBday 2011 034

  CarlaBday 2011 035

Buffy the friendly frog

CarlaBday 2011 043CarlaBday 2011 049

 CarlaBday 2011 045

CarlaBday 2011 053



CarlaBday 2011 055

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