April 2013 archive

My rib craving has finally been met!

I slow roasted pork ribs in leftover spaghetti sauce for about an hour at very low heat. The ribs rested while I roasted red peppers, zucchinis and green onions then I cranked the oven  heat full blast, basted the ribs with plum jam and let them sizzle until caramelized.






No sleep in this house!

They look all cute and calm for a few minutes but as soon as the lights go out it’s all jumps, scratches and toe nibbles. Matt and I have to hide under the covers.



I’m so sleepy, this post will be short.

I’ve been so incredibly busy since the day we bought the condo that I haven’t had time to write a good post.

In summary, life is 100% great.

Ok, sleepy time with the kitties, I promise to write something great soon.


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