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Kelly in Bulgaria.

Matt and I love having visitors, especially ones as cool as Kelly! Though Kelly’s visit was short (only 2 days), we made sure to do, see and explore as much as possible.


Picking up Kelly from the Burgas airport.





First stop, south of Burgas, Sozopol.








Sozopol is where Matt and I spent a week in November hanging out in the marina.

















Sunny Beach is on the other side of the bay, right under the sun. We get sunrises and Sozopol gets lovely sunsets.

















The Kelly trip involved:

~Lots of drinking (beer, champagne and wine)

~Walking up and down the beach


~Train rides

~Bus rides




Matt didn’t want the fun to end so he drove Kelly to Bucharest and partied with him and his brother for a night.


I can’t wait for Kelly to come back!

Creamless cream sauce.

My poor husband can’t eat dairy anymore so I tried to create a pasta with “cream sauce” with him in mind.


~1 1/2 cups roasted cauliflower with a few cloves of roasted garlic (yay for leftovers!)

~1/3 cup chicken stock

~6 large mushrooms, diced



Add cauliflower, garlic and chicken stock in a blender, mix until creamy smooth. Sauté your mushrooms while you cook your pasta, lower the heat once the mushrooms are done and stir in the cauliflower sauce. Combine the pasta and the sauce and voila! It’s not identical to Alfredo sauce but it’s a fantastic replacement.  



Italian octopus carpaccio.

Fresh, tender and delicious! A perfect summer snack.

1-Prepare your octopus as shown in my previous post: How to cook octopus (made easy). 

2-While the octopus is still warm, separate the tentacles and wrap them tightly in cling film (forming a sausage like tube) and place it in the refrigerator overnight. Don’t worry, the octopus will naturally “jelly” together.

3-The next day, thinly slice the octopus and dress with good quality olive oil, parsley, lemon zest, lemon juice and pink Himalayan salt.




P.S. After I took the photos, I drown the octopus with more dressing, let it sit and soaked it all up with fresh bread. What a treat!


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