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I don’t know what’s going on with my blog but I can’t upload pictures. I restarted my computer several times yet nothing is happening. Matt was able to get in my blog from Bulgaria and had zero problems. What’s going on!



Mona madness/

Have you ever seen the real Mona Lisa? A small painting behind glass and rope protecting her from her entourage. She was nice and all but I got much greater enjoyment taking pictures of what SHE gets to look at all day.

















This is my favorite picture of all times…this lady saw what I was seeing.


The "last" pictures of day one.

For convenience sake I left my laptop at home and decided to travel with our new tablet. The tablet is great; it has a keyboard, plays movies, has the full version Microsoft Office, and the whole Internet but the keyboard is tiny and awkward, the volume only goes up to a whisper, I don’t really need Word right now, give me Photoshop, Lightroom and Live Writer for my blog…the internet keeps defaulting to Bing (ew).

SOOOOOO, poor spoiled Amalia had to upload 4 pictures at a time using the web based editor (5-10 minutes per transaction), unedited and landscape mode only.

I’ve reserved some of my favorite shots for when I get home and have proper editing tools and I guess I’ll make a big post with all the “portrait” photos I can’t seem to rotate on the tablet.












Marché Montorgueil.

Marché Montorgueil is another Anthony Bourdain recommended hot spot. We truly didn’t go out looking for it but we were fortunate enough to find it. This Taksim (Istanbul) type street has hundreds of cafes, restaurants and markets. Everyone is so happy and pretty, it’s good spot to enjoy life.



I spent a good 10 minutes drooling over the seafood selection while mom chatted with the young fish monger. He told us to absolutely wait until Saturday before buying our treats because the neighborhood is having a huge party and there will be twice as much to see and choose from. Saturday is our last day so I’m thinking : oysters, tuna, prawns the size of my cats, scallops and champagne.







Marche des Enfants Rouges

I found something special, really special. On our way home from a long day walking, exploring and taking pictures we stumbled upon Marche des Enfants Rouges, a covered market selling local fruit and vegetables side by side with restaurant stalls cooking street foods from around the world and dozens of plastic tables and chairs lining the halls. It’s so busy and vibrant you have a hard time knowing where to look. Mom and I are going to eat lunch with the locals (mainly Hipsters) and take lots of pictures, I hope it tastes as amazing as Anthony Bourdain promises in his Paris episode of the layover.

Side note: do you think the Wikipedia write up is so short and lame because they want to keep this place a secret??








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