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Bangkok food.

Deep fried tofu with egg. DSC05244  Sweet BBQ pork wonton soup.DSC05132   Fried tofu, bamboo shoots, egg and congealed blood in a thick hot and sour soup. DSC05127


Bangkok street food

More quail eggs.DSC04887

Braised beef soup.DSC04952


Pork bits soup with fish balls in a spicy broth.


Coagulated pigs blood. It has the texture of medium tofu and tastes like nothing.DSC04972


Breaded chicken thigh with sweet chili garlic sauce and chicken broth. Very good, the chicken coating has sesame seeds in it.DSC05120


Thai food in Bangkok.

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ROTATE THESE STUPID IMAGES!!!!!!!! I can fix them when I come home.

Chicken filled spring rolls.DSC04890


The winner, grilled enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon with a green salsa.DSC04906


Cured vinegar pork tube with an extremely spicy lemon grass and snail salad. Not the best meal.DSC04947


Braised beef soup with a surprisingly sweet soy sauce broth. I’ve had it 3 times already.DSC04951


“Pad Thai”, more like noodle thingy with peanuts.




Quail eggs with Szechuan pepper and misted with sweet vinegar sauce. DSC04886

4 am pork party.

This lovely lady alternates layers of pork with strips of fat, coats everything with a sweet BBQ sauce then crisps everything over hot coals. I ate about 20 sticks.


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