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Bangkok street food

More quail eggs.DSC04887

Braised beef soup.DSC04952


Pork bits soup with fish balls in a spicy broth.


Coagulated pigs blood. It has the texture of medium tofu and tastes like nothing.DSC04972


Breaded chicken thigh with sweet chili garlic sauce and chicken broth. Very good, the chicken coating has sesame seeds in it.DSC05120


Thai food in Bangkok.

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ROTATE THESE STUPID IMAGES!!!!!!!! I can fix them when I come home.

Chicken filled spring rolls.DSC04890


The winner, grilled enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon with a green salsa.DSC04906


Cured vinegar pork tube with an extremely spicy lemon grass and snail salad. Not the best meal.DSC04947


Braised beef soup with a surprisingly sweet soy sauce broth. I’ve had it 3 times already.DSC04951


“Pad Thai”, more like noodle thingy with peanuts.




Quail eggs with Szechuan pepper and misted with sweet vinegar sauce. DSC04886

What a ride.

Qatar airways is probably the best airline I’ve flown in a long time. Reasonable leg room (not that it’s an issue considering my vertical deficiency),  cosy seating with plush and adjustable headrests, personal TVs (believe it or not I’m currently watching Thelma and Louise for the first time, fantastic) and the food and drinks are unbeatable as far as airline grub is concerned. Piping hot chicken and cheese baguette and Coke, French white wine, tomato juice and vodka, soda water, couscous salad, chicken with carrots, green beans, tomato sauce and gnocchi, braised beef with mashed potatoes and peas, fresh buns, cheese, crackers, mini Mars bar and the best layered chocolate cake on earth (well slightly above earth). Cognac for dessert.

To be honest I’m surprised they even serve alcohol, I’m informed that there will be no drinking at Qatar airport since this Allah guy is so popular but that’s OK, maybe a few minutes of shut eye between flights might be a good idea.

Pack like a pro.

The last time I lived out of my huge travel bag was the summer of 2011; 6 weeks around Europe with my best friend Carla. You cannot truly understand the relationship one develops with its backpack until you try this style of traveling for yourself. Every pocket, latch, clip and inch of the bag affects your life. Want to bring home that really cool statue you found in Greece? Think again, that souvenir will cost you 30% of your space and increase the weight by 50% which then adds 80% perspiration and 200% frustration. Pack light, REALLY light.

This time around I got it dialed. Light clothing, 3 colours, all easy to clean. All that said I probably packed too much.

3 bras, 6 undies, 3 thongs, 2 boxer shorts, 5 pairs of socks, 2 bathing suits.

1 jean shorts, 1 beach shorts, 2 dresses, 1 beach dress, 2 skirts.

4 tank tops, 4 t-shirts, 1 light long sleeve skirt, 1 long sleeve sweater.

1 pashmina (I’ll buy a sarong in Thailand), 1 floppy hat, 1 belt, 1 pair flip flops, 1 pair sneakers.

Hairbrush, mini toiletries, minimum makeup as it will melt off my face anyways, 2 pairs of dollar store earrings and a necklace.

Matt and I will divide the load of 1 smartphone, 1 camera, 1 mini tablet with keyboard and chargers.

MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS my passport with my one year Bulgarian Visa and credit card.

I’ll wear my largest and most conservative clothing on the flight as we have an 8 hour layover in Qatar. We have a small backpack for our entertainment and valuables that we can bring on board.

I’m ready for you Southeast Asia!






Hanging out in the lovely weather.

It’s so warm outside, 18-20 degrees and sunny. This is what the cats do while we work hard cleaning the house from all the cat hair and poop feet.



I can’t imaging moving to a city were dogs are walked on leashes and strays are quickly scooped up out of sight. Here in Bulgaria you can’t walk more than 50 feet without making a new furry friend. I pet every single one of them, probably the reason why our walks can take up to 8 hours.



Outside dining at Djanny, grilled baby squid and prawn skewers dipped in lemon and butter. The service at this restaurant first class, they changed our plates and cutlery about 7 times, the lady behind us had fish and the waiter skillfully deboned it at tableside. Notice that we had the choice of 2 different peppers and 3 types of salt (table, Himalayan and Serbian). Fantastic!



I got me a new fancy watch! I found this beautiful 1980’s Tissot silver(sorry the picture is so gold) watch at the local pawn shop. It’s in great condition and looks very delicate on my wrist. Matt thinks it might be a real Tissot and they are usually sold for about $200 on Ebay, I was lucky to find it for only 17 euros, real or not I love it.


Rocket salad with prosciutto, blue cheese, prunes, leeks, cherry tomatoes and panko crusted quail eggs.

One of my favorite appetizers I’ve ever had was at the Tapa bar in Victoria, bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese. This salad is based on those flavors with the addition of fried eggs.



Quail eggs:

Place the eggs in a pot with cold water and a splash of vinegar then bring to a boil. Remove eggs after one minute of boiling. Let the eggs cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before peeling. I’m not going to lie, peeling quail eggs is pretty much the most annoying and complicated thing in the world, I always make extras because without fail I ruin a few every time. A toothpick, a sharp knife and tiny nail scissors help me get the darn things out. Next, gentility cover the tiny spheres in a beaten egg then roll in a panko, salt and chili pepper mixture, fry in hot oil for 30 seconds on each side or until golden brown. 


Kosharista and camping.

Is it the middle of winter or the beginning of summer? Our weather held out at a glorious 17 degrees for 3 days in a row, perfect climate for camping and exploring.



Welcome to Kosharista, 2 kilometers north of Sunny Beach, perched on a little hill with fantastic sea views. This village has a perfect mix of old buildings and houses with new townhouses, villas and  apartments. The streets are clean and safe and the supermarket is open year-round. Unfortunately most of my pictures have a huge fingerprint in them, I didn’t notice the sausage grease at the time. Also, we really enjoy exploring the “older” and “decrepit” sides of Bulgaria and forgot to take pictures of the luxurious villas, take my word for it, they were breathtaking. DSC04306






Lots of turkeys, hens and geese like to hangout on people’s laws.







Many baby sheep, they sound so cute!

















You can see Sunny Beach and the Black Sea at the end of the road.











We left Kosharista after a few bowls of soup at the local restaurant and parked in a nearby vineyard. We didn’t take into account the amount of rain we received last week and ended up stuck deep in the mud.  After 30 minutes of digging, stuffing hay under the tires, carefully placing mats in strategic places, yelling and ripping off the front bumper, we finally got our camper “Anya” out of the field and back on the road. 



Matt loves building huge fires.






Fun, fun, fun!!

Best Bulgarian winter flavors. This is what I’ve been eating.

1. Ground Fenugreek. Try using this spice instead of salt, Matt loves sprinkling it on grilled bread with olive oil.



2. Roasted cauliflower. Sweet, delicious and guilt free.



New camping trick: Place cauliflower and garlic in a fish grill, season with salt pepper and olive oil  and roast over the campfire. Best camping snack ever!



3.Leeks. Stop buying onions, leeks are 3 times sweeter and more versatile. Great for B.B.Q.s, roasting, salads, soups, etc. My personal favorite: raw leeks with lardo.


Duck confit, roasted potatoes, yam, sunchokes, tomatoes and endives with prosciutto and gruyere.

CONFIT: Confit of goose (confit d’oie) and duck (confit de canard) are usually prepared from the legs of the bird. The meat is salted and seasoned with herbs, and slowly cooked submerged in its own rendered fat (never to exceed 85°C/185°F), in which it is then preserved by allowing it to cool and storing it in the fat.



4 beautiful duck legs plus a large bag of goose fat cost me $4. I love Bulgaria! Salted and herbed with oregano, thyme and rosemary overnight then slowly cooked the legs in goose fat skin side up for about an hour at very low heat. Bring to room temperature then store them in freezer bags and freeze. When you are ready to eat them, defrost, fry skin side down until crispy (5 minutes) then place in the oven for another 5-8 minutes.


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