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Bacon and spinach raviolis with roasted cherry tomatoes and cream sauce.

Save yourself the headache, use lasagna sheets (cook 3/4 way through, just before al dente) instead of ravioli pastas and roll them with your filling as you would with sushi. 

Cut cherry tomatoes in half, place in a lasagna dish and sprinkle with salt, pepper and oregano then pop them into a hot oven to roast while you prepare the filling.

In  a frying pan cook onions, mushrooms, parsley and bacon. Lower heat then add cream and a touch of parmesan, nutmeg, salt & pepper. Toss in the spinach, mix and let cool. Strain the filling and reserve the liquid.


Take the tomatoes out of the oven and smash with a fork. Sprinkle a little sugar over them if needed.

Lay a few lasagna sheets on a clean cutting board and place a tablespoon of the filling along the one side of each pasta then roll up. Sit the “raviolis” on top of the tomatoes then add the remainder of the filling on top of the rolls. Cover with the reserved cream and sprinkle a little parmesan and mozzarella then place in a hot oven for about 20 minutes.

Midnight octopus snacks.

Boil your octopus like this. Marinate in sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, fish sauce and wasabi for a minimum of 30 minutes then place under the broiler at the highest setting for a couple minutes on each side or until crisp on the outside and tender in the center. Eat with green onions.





Breadless pizza and rice bowl.

Toppings are the best part of the pizza so why not make a topping-only pizza in a clay dish. Tomato, prosciutto, onion, hot peppers, mozzarella and dried oregano.



Rice bowl: rice, green onion, purple cabbage, mushrooms, parsley and fresh mint, avocado, raw egg yolk and sesame seeds.


Lentil hummus.

Boil about a cup of lentils in a bit of salt and cumin, let cool. With a hand mixer or blender blend lentils, 2 gloves of garlic, the juice of a lemon, a scoop of tahini and a little olive oil.


Homemade Cadbury eggs.

I found this recipe online and turns out that it’s very easy to make!

Butter, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla, salt and corn syrup, orange food colouring for the yolk. I used dark chocolate for these eggs.


The trick is to keep putting things back in the freezer between steps, the middle melts super fast.


I used the dipping technique.



Normal people would have a piece of foam or a cardboard box to use as a stand, I only had an onion. It works great!



The results are amazing! It tastes just like the real thing but with better chocolate.


We’re having fun playing house at the moment.

We had a fun dance party the other night and the swing came out. The cats don’t like swinging…not one bit!






Bulgaria didn’t get to see the lunar eclipse Tuesday morning but the moon was stunning regardless.



Massaman curry with homemade naan and lemon mint chutney filled naan.




She never lets us sleep, I’m starting to not like her very much.


Easter eggs.

Squirt shaving cream into a pan and add food coloring. I used powdered food coloring but I believe that the liquid version would work a lot better. Use whip cream if you plan on eating them.



Roll the eggs around covering them completely with shaving cream then set aside for at least 20 minutes. White eggs will give you bright colours while brown eggs will give deep rich colours.



Wipe off the shaving cream with a paper towel and you are left with tie-dye looking eggs.


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