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4 Bulgarian dishes you must try.

1.Shopska Salad

A simple salad made with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, raw or roasted peppers and Sirene (feta) cheese. Everything is salted and  lightly dressed with oil and vinegar.



2.Pukani Piperki

(marinated hot peppers)

Toasted in a hot pan or on a BBQ, marinated with oil, red wine vinegar, salt and garlic.



3. Sharena Sol

(Bulgarian salt mix)

This great spice goes well with most meats, fishes and salads.



4.Country Style Chicken Livers

Fried onions, chicken livers, butter, Sharena Sol and parsley.


Harissa squid and imitation crab.



Clean and cut the squid into rings. Chop the imitation crab sticks into smaller pieces. Boil both squid and crab in boiling water for 40 second, set aside. In a every hot pan, fry the squid and crab in a little oil, a big spoonful of harissa and a tablespoon of soy sauce for 2 minutes.


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