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According to Google Maps we walked about 15.1 kilometers today…most of it uphill.

Starting at the Blue Mosque we made our way towards the water visiting the Spice Market and fish boat area before crossing the bridge and hiking up to Galata tower. Next we strolled down the fancy shopping street and took pictures in Taksim Square. After a great lunch we walked back to Sultanahmat via the outdoor markets. Quick recharging of Gopro batteries and we were out in search of a good dinner. Anyways, we ended up going up and down a few steep hills and then continued on another 5 kilometers! Great day, I think I got a little sunburn on my nose.


Matt keeps sending me cat updates from home.

Hanging out in Istanbul with mom.

It took 7 hours by bus from Bugas to Istanbul, unfortunately an hour of that time was wasted at the stupid disorganized border crossing. Did you know that Canada and Australia are the only two countries in the world who have to fork out 50€ to enter Turkey whereas everyone else only pays 25€? Why? Anyways, the trip down went well, the bus stopped just the right amount of times for pee breaks (I get nervous in cars without toilets now) and there where zero smelly people sitting near me. Once we arrived at the central bus station I knew just what to do; I grabbed mom by the arm, pushed us onto a busy metro, got off at the right station, weaved us through thousands of street vendors and jumped onto the local tram. Our hotel is right in front of the Blue Mosque, our room is on the top floor next to the breakfast area with the most incredible views. I love it here!



Christmas Eve party in fuzzy robes.

7 types of cheeses for a 3 person party!


Man in robe drinking wine from a plastic jug.


Mom in my neon orange robe hanging out with Stotinki.


I think my cats are getting a bit fat.


Silly cat.


Scallops in butter, lemon and garlic.


Mom, Terri and Carla in Burgas!!

Fun day in Burgas with my lovely people! We ate sausages and beans with hot wine at one of the stalls at the Burgas Days festival, shopped for cute souvenirs and finished the day with sushi and Bulgarian dishes at our favorite restaurant Happy Sushi.




Yup, that’s half a liter of hot wine in a plastic cup.


Burgas Days!








Terri like taking pictures of her feet.


I love these ladies, they can come back to Bulgaria anytime (but summer time would probably be more enjoyable for them).


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