November 2017 archive

We are here for the Strasbourg Christmas Market in France.

A few years back my Canadian friend Janna who lived in London told me about her yearly tradition of visiting a new European Christmas market. She and her boyfriend have travelled from Norway to Slovakia exploring these magical markets and with every one of their Facebook posts my jealousy grew. Inspired by my friends, Matt and I are starting off our Christmas season with a triple Christmas Market attack plan (we have some catching up to do). Step one, the famous Strasbourg Christmas Market. Step two, Baden-Baden Market spanning the grounds of the famous casino (November 27-28). Step three, Sofia’s German/Bulgarian Christmas Market where we will celebrate my birthday (35…seriously getting old!). These are photos taken with my phone in Strasbourg.

Shops, hotels and apartments decorate their facades with Christmas decorations which gives the whole town a storybook atmosphere. 

It’s been raining on and off. People bundle up…some even look like “boules mousse”.

The most amazing tree.

The tree matches my jacket. 

Hot red or white wines, hot apple juice and hot orange juice.