September 24th 2019 archive

Do you eat tripe?

Tripe around the world

I’ve eaten tripe dishes all over the world; in the night markets of Marrakech, stewed with beans and carrots in Portugal, in soups in Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey, menudo in Mexico, baked with liver, mushrooms and cheese in Bulgaria, from a bubbling pot of mystery meats prepared by a street vendor in Sicily, pho soups in Vancouver, London and all over Vietnam, rolled into delicate parcels with ham, garlic and parsley in cafés in Paris, served with dim sum in Birmingham and lastly, one of the most memorable dishes along my travels, served in a bun or bowl topped with extremely spicy red salsa and zesty parsley sauce from a street cart in Florence. I just found the photo of me holding the freshly purchased tripe (Sept 24th 2012), little did I know that I’d reproducing this exact dish at home, over and over, for the next 7 years!

Tripe around the world.