A is for Andrew-moo!

Not only did I get to hangout with my wonderful mother in Paris and Greece this past month but Matt and I got to meet up with my dear friend Andrew for a few days!

Andrew spent a few weeks touring Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini and Mykonos then hopped on a flight to Thessaloniki where we picked him up in the camper, cats and all. Andrew festivities included hanging out downtown Thessaloniki drinking 3 liters of wine from a tap, watching a F1 movie with Greek subtitles, going to a heavy metal bar, amazing conversations and driving to a remote seaside town south of Thessaloniki to chill out with the local people and cats. 



View from Andrew’s apartment in Neo Karras.





I can’t wait for next year when Andrew can come visit us again, he’s pretty much the coolest guy ever. LOVE YOU ANDREW-MOOOOO!