A prrrrrfect car trip.

I realize it’s a little crazy to want to go camping with your cats but we really love our kittens and miss them terribly when they are left at home. The short 30 kilometer trip to Burgas was a test to see how comfortable Misiu and Stotinki are in the campervan.



Step one: The Smell Test.

Before even turning on the engine, the cats got to smell every inch of the van. Eventually we passed their test and were able to start the car.



The movement hardly startled them, to be honest they were more interested in what Matt was doing with the huge wheel in his hands.






Unlike most cats, the twins were very comfortable, hardly said anything and eventually feel asleep.



Bulgaria is notorious for it’s poor road conditions but thankfully the highway to Burgas got repaved over the winter and 90% of the trip drives like a dream. This is Misiu’s hiding spot when the going gets rough.







We left them to play while we went on a date, we saw the new Star Trek movie and it was amazing!







The trip was a great success, I almost suspect that they prefer the van over the loft. The kittens spent hours looking out the side window greeting people as they passed by, they loved sleeping on our front seats, basking in the sunlight and they especially enjoyed playing hide and seek on the loft bed.


Next time; cat harnesses, beach and lots of playing in the sand, these two dig like little badgers.