Alisa and the Russians (part 6):

Have I mentioned that our neighbors are AWESOME? In the last 2 weeks we have become very close with the people from our building. Though language barriers can sometimes complicate things we always manage to have a great time. One night I invited everyone over for snacks and champagne which turned into a fun vodka drinking party/dance party.



I made a large amount of sushi and a vegetable plate, Alisa helped by carving a custom made killer whale out of a cucumber. Unfortunately I forgot to put the SD card in the camera and I’m left without any good pictures.





Elizabeth from across the hall brought flavored Ukrainian vodka as an appetizer. For the first time in my life I ran out of food at my party (who knew Russians loved sushi so much), so we were invited to a suite on the 4th floor for more food, more drinks and more fun. I eventually passed out while the gang danced in my living room. Great party!