Carla time.

Istanbul is a walking town, I think that we ended up walking through all 3 major Bazaars (Spice, Outdoor and Grand) about 12 times throughout the 14 days she stayed with us. It was fun and therapeutic to have a girlfriend to talk to and giggle with, Matt’s wonderful and all but sometimes I really crave silly girl conversations.

Carla and I will be friends forever, she’s the best!




Sometimes I take pictures with somebody in mind, all the door photos are for my mom.



Turkish coffee. I can’t even describe the smell coming from this store, every time we walked by it there was a 900 meter lineup of people waiting to buy these café bricks. 




This WC had 3 doors. Behind door #1, a “modern” toilet and behind doors #2 and #3, Turkish toilets complete with wet floors and lack of toilet paper. As you see here, everyone washes their hands in a “universal” way.