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My first Canadian visit in over years.

Winter Camping

I found all my old post from my previous blog, this post was from March 2011!


Best weekend ever! Port Renfrew is so beautiful, even at this time of year.

March27-28 2011 004


 March27-28 2011 008


March27-28 2011 015


March27-28 2011 022


Mini rave at our campsite. I brought the lazzzzzzzzzzzzzor.


 March27-28 2011 013 March27-28 2011 014


   March27-28 2011 016


March27-28 2011 009


 March27-28 2011 006


 March27-28 2011 001

German party to celebrate our arrival in Frankfurt May 12th 2012. 2 years in Europe!

German beers with appropriate glassware, homemade pretzels, buns, hot mustard, pickles, cherry tomatoes, onions, herbed sausage, big sausage, grilled sausage (all Bulgarian sausages but they were very tasty, almost as good as the German ones), boiled potatoes in butter and dill and braised sausages with cabbage, onions, white wine, spices and loads of butter.



This was my first time making pretzels and they turned out great!

Click here for soft beer pretzel recipe.


Waiting to fly.


We are set! God knows how we did it but managed to check a 45lbs bag of camping gear for free. Our “camping chopping board” is safely embedded in the airplane. Phew!!!

Next stop Frankfurt. Updates to come.

Meet the family.


I just wrote a huge post and accidentally deleted it. Sorry, I’m not writing it again.

•Bought a new bag, turns out its a diaper bag.
•Bottled some wine.
•Had lunch with Neely, Ryan, Caleb, Sarah, Mike Phong, Ella, Arek and Matt at the Boathouse on Beach Dr. (Super fun)
•Saw a circus put on by kids.
•Made pasta.
•Going to bed now.
•Thank you.

Goodbye Victoria

Matt and I are on the ferry, Vancouver bound.
Saying goodbye to everyone has been surreal. I don’t think that it will really sink in until next month. Everything we own weighs 142lbs, that’s almost how much I weigh in the festive seasons! The next few days will be pretty crazy in Vancouver. We have old friends to meet and all-you-can-eat sushis to enjoy before we leave.
So far, everything has gone smoothly, even my huge red stress induced face rash I had this morning has cleared up.
Yuppie! I’m excited for this big adventure. Wish us luck.




Today was the last day of my Benjamin Moore life.
In 2002, only days after graduating from the Pacific Design Academy, I was hired by Lori McNalley to work at Styles Paints (Benjamin Moore). Doors opened for me. I taught faux-finishing seminars, designed a hair salon, wrote articles in the newspaper, redesigned a sushi restaurant, stared/hosted 30 episodes of five minute design shows on A channel, started doing in home colour consultations, won $500 for a French Country display, etc.

Two years later, Styles Paints changed hands and became Pacific Paints’ third Victoria location. I’m not going to lie, the change did not come very easily to me at the time. After a few months, I warmed up to my new crew whom, today, I consider family members.

In 2006ish, I had spun my world into a web of confusion. I packed up everything and moved to Langley for a new life. Highly recommended by my Victoria Benjamin Moore people, I was hired by Earle Lee to work at his two Langley Decorating locations. Woah, what a blast. I immediately took to the Lee family. I lived and worked with them as if I was a Lee myself. Their daughter, Jaymie, and I even lived in Mexico together off and on for a year!

Missing my mother, I moved back to Victoria in 2008. Pacific Paints welcomed me with open arms. Work place friendships became stronger as my house was dawned the “dinner party and crafts house”. Book club was started, coworker and best friend of mine, Carla, travelled Europe together (7 countries in 6 weeks), 85% of my wedding guests were coworkers, etc. We are a tight knit group.

May 4th, 2012, is my last day as Benjamin Moore girl. My lovely manger, Shona, and fantastic sales rep who has known me since day one ( I was 18 years old at the time), David, took me out for one last lunch. We laughed lots and almost cried a few times. It was simply perfect.

Thank you for everything Benjamin Moore people, it’s now time I venture into the unknown.


Deep cove chalet

Gene and Lily took me out for a fair well lunch at the Deep Cove Chalet. As usual, the food was fantastic.

First course was a mini onion croquette salad with bacon and boiled egg.


Next course was fresh clams in a tomato and jalapeño sauce.


Main course was braised rabbit in plum sauce!


The final countdown!


As they say, time flies and so will we in as little as 17 days. My head is distracted with numerous checklists, I’m surprised I remembered to brush my teeth this morning.
Our flat is barren with the exception of a mattress, a few kitchen tools, A CAT and a two year old collection of dust bunnies which have been impossible to fully exterminate. I’ve called all government and bank officials to let them know I’m leaving. We’ve whittled down our possessions to 2 backpacks, our camping equipment ( free with Air Transat!), a computer bag, a camera bag and 2 small carry ons.
Monday, Matt and I move in with mom for a few days, then it’s off to Vancouver for a last minute Arek visit, then we leave.

You have no idea how excited we are!
Wish us luck.


Sleepover and wine class

In 17 days, Matt and I will be living the European dream!
Last night, Carla and I had our last wine class. We drank, giggled and ate great snacks while watching our wine tutorial DVD.
Though we forgot to have a pillow fight, we indeed had a fun sleepover party.
Thank you for everything Carla, you’re the best!



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