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What??? You wanted more cat photos?

We are waiting until it’s warm enough to walk around without huge gloomy winter jackets before we start taking pictures of our selves. At the moment, my skin is so white I look like a freaking zombie, it’s not good, I promise! 






Warming up in our tent!


Misiu getting excited!




Matt sets up the entertainment.




Star Wars on the laptop.




Warm fire on the tube. This is traditional Bulgarian camping at its finest!


I painted our area rug.

The white area rug was looking a little sad so I decided to paint it with a tiny bit of latex paint (leftover wall paint, now everything matches!), lots of water and a couple tablespoons of fabric softener. I applied a generous coat of the paint mixture with a regular fabric roller then left the rug to dry outside for 4 days, truthfully it was dried in a couple hours but I can’t stand the smell of chemical products like fabric softener. Once dry, Matt vacuumed it as hard as he could and it was ready for installation. It’s about 25% harder than it originally was but I think after a good week of walking on it/cats scratching it, it will be not different (softness wise) as it was before. 


Not much to report.

Sunny Beach is completely dead at the moment and there isn’t much to do. Last weekend we were in Sofia to see a Dj show we had bought tickets to months ago. We had a great time, the weather was mild and we got to walk around everywhere and test out new street foods. The concert was a blast, the music was incredible, I ended up dancing non-stop until 6am!


Now we are back at home and I’m doing work for a friend while Matt plays with the cats.


Funny before and afters:


Only one “fits”.



Stotinki hates the camera!


Pork ribs with mushrooms and spinach.

I always boil my ribs in a pressure cooker with onions, garlic, water, maybe a slash of wine and a few spices. After about 40 minutes, I cool the pressure cooker and drain the broth (keep the broth and freeze it) then coat my ribs with a BBQ sauce and stick them in the oven on broil for a few minutes on each side. How do you  cook your ribs?


Misiu being tortured by the smell of  ribs cooking.


Making homemade cat food.

Just recently my poor little cat Stotinki started show signs of a urinary tract infection, a very serious problem that can turn fatal in some unfortunate cases. Though it has never been declared publicly, it is thought that the number one reason for these infections is caused by “cheap” dry cat food. Who really knows what they use as filler to make the food, that and the fact that there is no moisture in the food to help keep our kitties hydrated, I had a sneaking suspicion that Stotinki’s diet was probably making her sick.       


My cats are first generation house/camper cats; their parents and parents parents were all typical Bulgarian gutter cats, living from dumpster to dumpster and on fast food restaurant handouts, no one in my cat’s ancestry has ever owned a passport, slept on a beanbag chair, hung out on heated floors, climbed a ladder bought specifically for them or have slept in custom cat tents and miniature Alpine ski chalets. Probably due to their lineage, my cats stomachs are stronger than nails therefore I was confident changing their food to a mainly meat diet would benefit them.   

After a few attempts I came up with a cat food recipe to satisfy both my cats tastes (yes, they have very different tastes but I found out that both hate raw meats and only like trace amounts of fish).

The ultimate cat food recipe for my ladies is: roasted duck wings or legs, chicken hearts, liver, a little roasted pork ribs, carrots, green peas (Misiu’s favorite!), water, roasted pumpkin baby food and raw egg.

I tried my best to grind in as much bone as I could but doing it by hand with this crank is REALLY hard!


Misiu can’t wait for her food.


I weighed all the food into 4oz portioned bags and froze it.


Within 24 hours Stotinki, was back to normal, as energetic and lively as ever, both cat’s fur are noticeably softer, shinier and healthy.  I might still feed them store bought cat food from time to time but for now this is working a thousand times better than the old food.


Christmas Eve party in fuzzy robes.

7 types of cheeses for a 3 person party!


Man in robe drinking wine from a plastic jug.


Mom in my neon orange robe hanging out with Stotinki.


I think my cats are getting a bit fat.


Silly cat.


Scallops in butter, lemon and garlic.


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