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A few things I have noticed along the way.

Europe is great! Each country is very different from the next and there’s so much to see and learn with each passing day. We’re always surprised how much the scenery changes as soon as you cross a new border and during our travels, I have made a mental list of some of the things I miss about Canada, things I took for granted:


-King and queen sized beds in hotels. Below is a picture of a (fancy) standard hotel room in Europe. You want to sleep together you have to kick the beds together and build a pillow bridge or you must pay a premium.

-Paying to use public washrooms.  They’re inexpensive but don’t be fooled, paying doesn’t necessarily insure a clean washroom.

-Red meat. Eastern Europeans love their pig, it’s diverse and affordable. I haven’t been able to buy red meat since Italy. Side note, did you know that Europeans and Northern Americans butcher their meat differently? Most cuts of meats are unrecognizable to me, making it a challenge to guess the necessary cooking time and temperature.

-Ziplock bags. They exist because I once found some in Hungary, but they are certainly not the norm. Go to any Wal-Mart type store and all you will find are sandwich bags with twist ties. Imagine a life without Ziplocks, I use them for everything.  I had to get my lovely Mother to smuggle some across the bother when she was here.

-Paying for your ketchup, sauce or dip of any kind will cost you a few cents.

-Romania, Bulgaria and oddly enough, Austria will let you smoke in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Ew.

-Food diversity at the grocery store. Each country has it’s own products and it stops at that; unlike a typical Canadian grocery store which offers small varieties of foods from several countries. When you’re in Poland you’re eating Polish sausage, 2 types of Polish cheeses, 3 types of Polish soup, etc. We are always excited to eat like the locals but unfortunately, if you have craving French brie, you better hop in your car and drive to France.    

-Clean roads and beaches. Sadly most Eastern Europeans are slobs, littering like crazy, destroying beautiful cities and landscapes. Wake up people! This is your land, take care of it.

-Number one let down so far; the lack of fresh cilantro! Only discovered twice in the last seven months, it’s been very hard cooking without one of my favorite ingredients. 


A prettier side of Bulgaria.

So far, the Bulgarian scenery hasn’t really impressed me, big boring brown fields with hardly any civilization to be seen. Now that we’ve hit the coast everything’s changed, hyper green meadows to my right and the aqua blue Black Sea crashing into white sand beaches on my left.










Plus, I’ve spotted a couple life forms!














Sunny Beach resorts, Bulgaria.

Imagine the beaches of Mexico with hotels and casinos that rival the ones in Las Vegas…but in Bulgaria!?! That’s right folks, Bulgaria is the place to be in the summer months. Their “off-season” literally means OFF, as in shut down, not one soul in sight, nada, nothing. It’s very cool walking down the deserted streets, I felt like I was in a zombie movie.























The cat’s out the bag!


Matt and I are moving to Europe for a wonderful adventure. We land in Frankfurt and continue on to Poland where we will get our affairs in order. We’re buying an old RV and traveling the continent, taking pictures, making wonderful meals with local food and drinking loads of cheap wine.

Anyone need a fluffy cat?

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