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I’m feeling energetic, my stomach is happy and usually full but unfortunately I have to report that “toilet-time” has increased considerably. Maybe I should eat a whole wheel of cheese to equalize everything. These are the joys of travel.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap.

Our adventure started at 5 am this morning when we met our tuk-tuk driver outside our hotel. Pitch black outside and a cool 27 degrees, we had no idea what to expect from our mini temple tour. First you stop at the ticket station, $20 in cash, quick photo, ticket printed then you jump back into your tuk-tuk taxi. Our driver Thom delivered us at the entrance of our first temple Angkor Wat and showed us where to meet him once we were done. In complete darkness thousands of tourists with flashlights and cellphones funnel their way on an uneven path, over a bridge, up old stone steps and across a field all while getting harassed by vendors jumping out of nowhere begging you to buy useless nic nacs. At the end of the field lays…who knows what the heck is there, it’s completely dark and you can’t see a thing yet everyone clumps together facing East!

Once daybreaks it all comes together, in front of you sits a 12th century stone Wat as big as your eyes can see, a still pond separates you and the Wat reflecting the temple like a mirror and finally the moment everyone has been waiting for, the sun. Huge, red, golden, warm and stunning, the sun bring with it a new day full of happiness and adventure.













Great eats in Siem Reap Cambodia.

Vietnamese Pho soup sold from a busy cart in front of a corner store, one flavor, one price ($2).


Fast food type lunch. Korean BBQ boneless chicken leg burger with perfectly crispy fries and light and crispy chicken wings (almost like a tempura batter).


Fried rice, BBQ beef with pepper lime sauce and greens.


Lemongrass beef curry with eggplant.


Dry cured crocodile. It tastes like a cross between beef jerky and fish.


Cambodian style noodle soup. Simple salty broth, your choice of 2 different noodles, carrot and turnip, random bits of beef or pork and some greens and fried garlic.


Thai suki hot pot. I didn’t even know that Thailand eats hot pot!

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