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It’s raining AGAIN!!!

Here is a short list of sucky things that have happen on the trip so far:
Rain. It’s been cold and rainy for the last month and a half with the exception of 3 days in Prague.

Our deep cycle battery wouldn’t recharge after a week of buying it. We went 3 weeks without power when being parked. Today, an angel fixed it for us for free. It was a blown fuse under a wad of tape under my seat. Simply fix yet hard to find if you don’t know what to look for. We managed without it, it really wasn’t a big deal at the time.
We bought our propane in Poland and we just found out( now that our propane is empty) that only Poland can refill it. Every country has its own tanks, though we know very well that they are all identical with a different paint job.

Wifi…don’t get me started on “free Internet” and buying Internet sim cards. There is no “Europe wide” Internet plan. Facebook when your on the can at McDonalds and blog when you visit a friend living in Europe. Poland has lots of free wifi, beautiful tall skinny women, meat and perogies. It’s the best place for travelers.

Matt lost his iPhone but his new phone is super extremely better.

The trip has been super fantastic and I’m not complaining one bit.

Ok I have to go, it’s raining cats and dogs and McDonalds has kicked us out.


Oh boy, I’m in France.


We’re in Dunkirk, France, wasting time before our 11:50pm ferry to Dover, England arrives. We stopped at
McDonalds because it has free wifi and a clean bathroom. Matt asks me to order a cold coffee while I wait for him so I go up to the counter and put in my ordering French:
“Bonjour, do you have cold coffee?”
The young pimply man looks blankly at me then firmly answers
“Ok, can I get a coffee with a cup of “glace” ice.”
Again, blank look followed by a wince.
“Ok Madame, what type of sprinkles would you like?”
I clue in, “glace” in Quebec French can mean, anything from ice to mirror and in France you must say “glaçon”. Of course at that moment I draw a blank and can only think of the word in English.
“ummmm, Ice, you know, “glace”, ummmm”
So I whip out my best charades and preform ice and cup for the young man.
In the end I got my coffee and my cup full of ice with a side of nasty looks from the staff, I swear they are still talking about my weird order.

The cat’s out the bag!


Matt and I are moving to Europe for a wonderful adventure. We land in Frankfurt and continue on to Poland where we will get our affairs in order. We’re buying an old RV and traveling the continent, taking pictures, making wonderful meals with local food and drinking loads of cheap wine.

Anyone need a fluffy cat?

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