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Essaouira, Morocco.

A beautiful day trip to Essaouira. We saw goats in a tree, the Atlantic ocean and a cute hippie town with an amazing fish market.

More Morocco.

My first ever SURPRISE PARTY!!! How did they even pull this off? Our second night in Marrakech, Matt was acting strange, he didn’t want to go out exploring but rather stay in our riad to up finish up some emails. Who is this man? Finally ready, we walk down the dark creepy lane towards the main street and, in the dark, all I hear are the wheels of several heavy suitcases coming towards us. I turn the corner and LITERALLY bump into Agata and Chanel!! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Chanel dancing to Bedouin music.

Shopping in Marrakech in 2018!
Ploszanskis in a Tuk Tuk

Marrakesh, Morocco.

Well, this is different…

We’ve visited around 40 countries in the last decade and of course we started seeing similarities between all the places travelled. “Oh, this is so Eastern Europe” or “Oh, this reminds me of a French village but with a Greek vibe…” 24 hours in Morocco and I’m totally surprised! The airport is like a mega ritzy shopping center from the future, the cab drivers are as scammy as they come, the “streets” are a total mess/maze, it’s busy at all times, everything either smells amazing or DISGUSTING, the people are pushy and wonderful, cats everywhere ranging from beautiful show cats to sticky, half balding street cats. We are having so much fun!