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90s dance party.

We’re just a bunch of radical dudes hanging out before our epic 90’s concert. Only downfall of the whole night; thousands of people chain smoking cigarettes at the same time in the stadium.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(5)

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Belgrade. Kelly and I whipped up a roasted bird, perfect potatoes, dressing, gravy, Swiss chard, roasted carrots, etc.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(3)

We drank several bottles of red wine. It was a fantastic weekend.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(4)

And the adventure begins.

These two have been best friends since grade 4.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(6)

This is Arek’s third visit since we left Canada. We’ve traveled through Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania together.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(8)

We finally got to meet his awesome girlfriend, Irina!

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(9)

Kelly (handsome man in the blue shirt) rented a fancy apartment for us in Belgrade for two nights. Here we are waiting for the keys while enjoying a fresh Serbian beer.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(10)

It so happens that the weekend we came to Serbia fell on the same weekend as their annual war parade. We saw several jets (extremely exciting for the guys), took pictures of tanks and soldiers, and witnessed hundreds of army guys parachuting out of a plane in perfect formation. I hear that we missed special guest Vladimir Putin by a day.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(11)

Click on the truck picture for more military photos.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(12)

Though all restaurants in Serbia offer Bulgaria’s famous Shopska salad, the country is very different from Bulgaria. People here are tall, I mean 7 feet tall +, skinny, very well dressed and lighter skinned.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(13)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(14)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(15)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(16)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(17)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(18)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(19)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(20)

I found the only bar in Belgrade with 1 euro beers on tap. Side note: Serbia serves 400ml draft beers, not 500ml…weird.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(21)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(23)

Google translate:

Dad I love you but I still do not know to say it

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(24)

October 12th and it’s 30 degrees outside.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(25)

Serbian food = grilled meats. Bacon, sausages, chicken, pork, breaded meats, livers wrapped in bacon, mushrooms, potatoes, rice, breads and butter on everything. I happily gained 10 lbs. that day.

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(26)

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(27)

This man makes me very very happy!

Belgrade, Serbia 2014(22)

Major flooding in Serbia.

If you have been following the news you know that Serbia and parts of Bosnia are faced with terrible floods destroying whole towns and villages. As we drove towards Belgrade we started to notice signs of the floods; farmlands soggy with excess water, ditches filled with brown water and debris, army trucks parked by the side of the road while soldiers were busy filling bags with sand and dirt to build barriers around houses and land. At one point there was so much water in the fields it looked like we were driving beside beautiful lakes. Thankfully it has stopped raining and these poor people can try to rebuild what they once had when the water levels come down.     









This farm is now a beautiful lake.


The cat’s out the bag!


Matt and I are moving to Europe for a wonderful adventure. We land in Frankfurt and continue on to Poland where we will get our affairs in order. We’re buying an old RV and traveling the continent, taking pictures, making wonderful meals with local food and drinking loads of cheap wine.

Anyone need a fluffy cat?