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Ko Samui airport in Thailand.

So beautiful! The whole place is open air, you get free snacks while you wait and there are pretty flowers everywhere.























Ko Samui snacks and food.

Ko Samui is the southernmost island that we visited in Thailand (and most expensive), being so close to Malaysia the food was either Thai or Indian.

Spicy lemon Thai soup.


Indian cornmeal and vegetable patties with basil dip, chutney and turmeric sauce.


Spiced chicken skins. Think pork rinds but chicken.


The best spring rolls in the world. They were huge, the size of a TV remote. Inside had glass noodles, sprouts, carrots and chicken. Did you know that a REAL spring rolls use slowly boiled (in incredible broth), tender pieces of chicken, not dry rubbery chicken breast?


Bangkok Boutique Airlines food. Fresh fruit, Tuna pastry, carrot coconut muffin, yogurt with kiwi goo, tangerine juice and water.

Ko Pha Ngan eats.

Juicy BBQ chiken.


Spicy dragon bean salad with tomatoes, peanuts, sugar, fish sauce, chilies and lime. Everything is prepared in a huge mortar and pestle.


Asian country = cool Asian snacks.


Croissant with honey? It’s wasn’t that bad actually.

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