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Our last meals in Hanoi.

Hanoi is a crazy city with loads of people, crazy drivers zooming on scooters, tons of shops, markets, food, smog and noise…lots and lots of noise. Oddly enough by 10:30 pm everything is shut down and the city is deserted.




Che Troi Nuoc? Gluttonous rice balls with fresh grated coconut, sesame seeds and a piece of candied ginger inside.


Nem Cua Bien, crab spring rolls.



BBQ pork with zucchini.



View from our window in Hanoi. We spent 6 night here.

So much Vietnamese food in Hanoi!

Grilled eggplant with ginger peanut sauce.


Sweet and sour pork soup. I urge you to start adding pineapple in your soup, amazing flavor explosion.


Deep fried tofu with mint and green onion. You can find this everywhere, ladies with Vietnamese hats fry tofu right in the middle of the sidewalk.


Honey glazed chicken.


Bun ca? Sour soup with fresh dill, not my favorite but very different from other soups.

Having fun eating in Hanoi.

The fluffiest tomato omelet in the world with warm baguette.


I’ve order this soup twice now, it’s freaking delicious. White asparagus and crab soup, it tastes like Asia’s version of chowder.



Japanese Takoyaki balls!



Octopus, green onions, pickled ginger, dough, Japanese mayo, BBQ sauce, seaweed and benito flakes. Yummy searing hot treats, good with cold beers.

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