Cau Lau Hoi An, Vietnam

Before arriving in a new city most would research the town’s attractions or points of interest, not me, I inquire about the local delicacies. On the top of Hoi An’s must-eats list is Cau Lau , a special noodle dish made with “magical” water from the town’s well.


Main market with fancy well out front.


Bowl #1 at the market:

Broth: Porky but weak.

Bits: Fried tofu and pork skin with lettuce and sprouts.

Noodles: Harder than rice noodles, very similar to udon noodles. I would have like to eat a massive bowl.



Bowl # 2 at Café 43:

So much better, the broth was deep and rich like Pho Bo and we actually got pieces of pork.