Daytime sleeping = nighttime craziness.

We left the kittens at home for 30 hours over the weekend to see the Depeche Mode concert in Sofia. The cats were well equipped with toys, litter, a sleeping zone, a buffet of crunchy snacks, 4 bowls of water and each other to play with. When we returned, the cat zone was a disaster area, I literally had to hose the floor down and give them each a bath. Misiu must be part Siamese because she is a chatter box and she insisted on listing her complains for over two hours.

Last night these two gremlins didn’t let us sleep a wink, our toes were bitten, the drapes were climbed, the screen door was abused and the stairs were used as a track and field course! Usually we put them in the bathroom (they have a nice bed there), they calm down and fall asleep but not last night, all they did was scream and shriek as if dying. Holy drama queens, they must take after me…

Look how cute they are at the moment, can’t wait for tonight’s adventure!