Doing some research. Krosno, Poland

While visiting the city we had a look at some real estate. 15 minutes out of a large city, this little house has been partially renovated (roof repairs, new wood burning fireplace, new insulation, electrical updates, new chimney, etc.), the interior was left bare, just the way we want it. The house sits on a large piece of land across the street from a lovely church, near a pretty ravine with no backyard neighbors.

No joke, it can all be yours for only $19,500! Remember that labour is dirt cheap as are building supplies.  Property taxes are almost non existent in Poland, $150 a year or so.  However, we’re looking for something a bit nicer than this, a house made from brick with at least a loft or a second story.  Just doing some research.

Haven’t even made the decision whether we want to live in the mountains or near the sea.

 Have a look.