Eating in Malaysia and hanging out at Alisa’s house.

Banana leaf, eat with your right hand and high five with your left, this food is extra yummy. For only $4 you get a huge portion of chicken rice, cucumber Dahl, green beans, bright red coated zucchinis and as many chutneys and sauces as you want.


Alisa lives beside a fancy supermarket with all kinds of delicious foods to choose from. Matt and I had a sushi party this afternoon.


Jalan Alor is the famous Chinese eatery street in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve eaten there twice already.

Pig ears.


Steamed “cockles”, which I found out are actually ark clams also known as blood clams. I’ve never had them before and will probably never order them again. Think clams but dirty bottom feeding muddy clams with a strange “bloody” discharge. No thank you.


Chicken, pork and lamb satays with peanut sauce. Tiny and delightful.


Gail an with garlic.


Steamed chicken with sprouts.


Snails in the same sink you wash your hands in.


Party time with Alisa and friends!


Dumpling soup. I could have eaten 6 bowls.



BBQ chicken feet with spicy sauce.


Street burger with unrefrigerated beef paddy, not bad for a $0.90 burger.