Free camping in Paralia Ofriniou, Greece.

During the last few months, colder winter nights has forced us to park where ever we can find electricity, attractive views or not. Beautiful weather on our side, we couldn’t resist pulling over and setting up camp on the beach.

Snowy mountain views on this side.



Tropical ocean views from the other side.






The Kindles came out and we spent hours reading with the sun on our faces.



I’m not very good at sitting and chilling out so I decided it would be a great idea to make Jamaican patties from scratch. 



No matter which city or country we’re in WE get adopted by and animal. I called her Amber the chip eating dog.



My Jamaican Patty dough: flour, butter, water, an egg, curry powder and salt.



The filling: green peas and steak marinated in curry powder, chili, sugar, garlic, ginger and onions.



Instead of frying, I grilled the patties in a pan on low heat until golden brown.



I prefer free camping on the beach over city camping. Super relaxing.



Matt keep the fire going for 2 days. We collected wood and pine needles from neighboring trees.



Matt showing his real “man hands”, dirty from the hard labor of making a large fire.



That night we drank Ouzo and danced under the stars while holding hands. The night was so much fun, I even did cartwheels, one handed cartwheels and back flips in the sand, not bad for a 30 year old!



Best campfire meal ever: in an aluminum pan add onions, mushrooms, chicken livers and hearts, butter, wine, tarragon and salt. Seal the pan with tin foil, place on top of hot coals and forget about it for about 20 minutes. The flavors were incredible, the mushrooms were really juicy, the onions delightfully caramelized, the organ meat cooked to perfection and the tarragon brought it all together.



Today the waves are really choppy so we moved the van down the street next to a café with internet and power.



I will never forget this incredible spot!