Girl’s lunch

Last Thursday, Carla, Matt and I went to the Culinaire food festival and literally pigged out. The one dish that stood out above all was Vis a Vis’ smoked pork belly rillette on an apple crisp (shown bellow).



On Monday, Mom, Carla and I went to the Vis a Vis restaurant to see what else they had to offer.


Celebration was in the air, I had just passed my driving test with flying colours, it was day one of Carla’s week off and mom, well she’s retired and gets to have fun full-time.


Smoked brisket sliders, house smoked beef brisket, arugula,
apple and blue cheese, rye crostini, open face.

Leek and goat cheese tart, double smoked bacon,
crème fraîche custard, flaky butter crust.


Smoked pork belly rillette, grape compote, prosciutto wrapped, blue cheese stuffed date, pickled vegetables, a French blue cheese and a lovely French sheep cheese.