Hanging out in the lovely weather.

It’s so warm outside, 18-20 degrees and sunny. This is what the cats do while we work hard cleaning the house from all the cat hair and poop feet.



I can’t imaging moving to a city were dogs are walked on leashes and strays are quickly scooped up out of sight. Here in Bulgaria you can’t walk more than 50 feet without making a new furry friend. I pet every single one of them, probably the reason why our walks can take up to 8 hours.



Outside dining at Djanny, grilled baby squid and prawn skewers dipped in lemon and butter. The service at this restaurant first class, they changed our plates and cutlery about 7 times, the lady behind us had fish and the waiter skillfully deboned it at tableside. Notice that we had the choice of 2 different peppers and 3 types of salt (table, Himalayan and Serbian). Fantastic!



I got me a new fancy watch! I found this beautiful 1980’s Tissot silver(sorry the picture is so gold) watch at the local pawn shop. It’s in great condition and looks very delicate on my wrist. Matt thinks it might be a real Tissot and they are usually sold for about $200 on Ebay, I was lucky to find it for only 17 euros, real or not I love it.