Having fun in Carcassonne!

Carcassonne has been amazing so far. The city has so much to do and see; there’s a castle on top of the hill, a fresh food market in the city square (40 meters from our apartment) 3 times a week selling great local goodies and there’s the Canal du Midi for boating, picnicking and general relaxation.


Mom’s not a big fan of “le selfie”.



This couple dressed up for the occasion. (The “knight” is on the bridge).

Carcassonne 2016 (257)


View from inside the medieval castle.



Champagne? Why not!



Ok, I’m not going to lie, there has been SOME drinking going on. This is “le liter of lunch wine”.



The weather has been unseasonably windy and chilly.



L’Oeil le resto cooks all their meat and potatoes on a wood burning oven in the center of the open concept restaurant. 






Yes, that is 1.5 kilograms of big steak, small steak, tenderloin, sausage and duck breast…the baked potato is swimming in fresh cream and chives.

Carcassonne 2016 (26)


I was the only one to finish my plate. The big burly women who worked there were very impressed.



And the highlight of 2016, the lunch boat ride on the Canal du Midi!



We drank local Rose, ate yummy food and enjoyed the scenery.




WHAT!!!!!! I got to drive the boat!!! I jokingly asked if I could drive and next thing you know I was in control of the wheel. Apparently I did a fine job, the captain let me steer for over 10 minutes while he sipped his coffee and told me stories about the surrounding area. I have a new calling, I’m becoming a boat captain (just as long as it doesn’t go faster than 6 kilometers an hour)!   



Saturday market. As today is our last full day in Carcassonne we wanted to celebrate by eating all the local produce available at the market. Steak tartare, cheeses, salads, asparagus, olives and macaron with fresh strawberries and cheese cake are on tonight’s menu.