How to eat in Hanoi

First, grab yourself a “fresh beer“, it’s locally made light beer (not particularly delicious yet certainly non-offensive) served in glass mugs on the side of the road or at local eateries. This weak beer only costs $0.16 a cup, everyone loves it, even the kids.



Eat one bowl of sticky rice with fried garlic and mung beans a day to help stiffen up “toilet-time”.



Treat yourself to a steaming bowl of Pho every few hours, very refreshing.



Find a busy local restaurant and order a bowl of Sup Ga (chicken soup).



Find the most festive table at the restaurant and take a picture of them.



Next, get invited to said table and start drinking Vietnamese vodka with your new friends.



Eat lots of food, laugh non-stop, exchange Facebooks and PLEASE, don’t forget to drink more vodka!

Side note: ALWAYS take your hotel’s business card with you, you never know if you’ll find your way home after so many cheers!