IEEEEE!!! We’re in Greece

I hate driving through borders and our last Turkish border fiasco left a sour taste in my mouth. An hour before entering Greece I realized that Matt’s Polish ID, the one that took 5 complicated steps and a month to arrive, was missing. My blood pressure shot through the roof, will the crossing guards give us a hard time because of Schengen rules, limiting ins and outs to 90 days (to be honest, I don’t really understand how it works)?

All smiles from both the Turkish Police Passport Control and the Turkish Customs officers. Check!

The Greek Police Passport Control officer was very friendly and stamped our passports immediately. Check!

The Greek Customs officer asked us a series of routine questions with a stern look on his face, paused, then wished us a nice vacation. OPA!!!   



Our first stop was Alexandroupolis, a small coastal town 40 km from the border. It was far too cold and windy to go out and take pictures, sorry. Highlights; parking by the water and a rogue wave crashed over the van soaking poor Matt to the bone, I went a restaurant BY MYSELF and ate octopus while reading my Kindle and replacing one of our propane tanks (believe me, it’s something to celebrate). 



Next stop, Komotini. We stopped at hardware store to pick up a few supplies to fix the Gypsy dent on the side of the van. The store didn’t quite have what we needed so the sales associate jumped in his car, directed us to another store 7 km away, came into the store with us and ordered the desired piece. Wow. Impatient, we started our repairs in store parking lot causing a curious employee to jump right in and do 80% of the work for us, giving us a special industrial strength glue free of charge AND he brought us hot coffees to keep us warm. Double wow! 

That night we went to a club, I danced and made best friends with absolutely everyone. Next day we woke up to snow.DSC03260


Xanthi, a darling ski resort type town with pretty old buildings, jazzy cafes and weird ducks.  

































What do you think they store in here? Motor oil? Wine?