Irregular udons, handmade.

Today I was watching “Mind of a chef” with David Chang. The noodle episode made me crave a LARGE bowl of Japanese soup. It got me wondering if making noodles from scratch would really be that complicated.

I loosely followed the instructions from the blog and the results were fantastic. The reason my noodles were ununiformed is because I left the dough unattended for 6 hours, plus I didn’t have a rolling pin and used a gin bottle instead. In the end it really didn’t matter, the noodles tasted great! Stomping on the mixture changed my life, it truly softens the dough perfectly plus it made for a SUPER FUN activity!



OH MY GOODNESS, I used both regular button mushrooms and non-Japanese Chinese mushrooms.



The broth came out of the freezer, it was made from the cooking juices produced when I parboiled my last batch of pork ribs. The raw egg yolk is very Japanese, try it out. Itadakimasu  いただきます!!!!