Koh Pha Ngan eats.

Not for 1 million dollars could I tell you what this is. Gluttonous steamed wrapper filled with peanuts, pork? Both sweet and savory spices drowned in coconut milk. Anyways, it was amazing.



Grilled squid.


Sticky rice with coconut. Perfect mix, not too sweet, not too “ricy”. First time eating edamame since we left Canada, what a treat!


Token rainbow coloured Asian goo candy.



Every trip has a “cry moment”, a moment when sights, smells, tastes and conversations become so overwhelming that your brain doesn’t know how to react so it simply shuts down and you are left with only tears in your eyes. Do not shy away from this state, believe me it is a good thing. 2011, Venice Italy, Carla and I sitting on plastic chairs in a random square in the heart of the maze that Venice is, talking about love and relationships; fresh buffalo mozzarella with house-made pesto. The consistency of a perfectly cooked poached egg, taste of the freshest cream (straight off the buffalo), this cheese sent me off the deep end. Same trip, different country, Carla and I sit close together on a park bench in the Luxemburg gardens holding hands while we dig into salted caramel macaroons, Carla starts to weep. 2012, Trieste Italy, after a long day of strolling the streets and taking pictures Matt and I tucked into a simple margarita pizza with mushrooms and then proceeded to order a SECOND pizza, deep fried calzone with cream. I remember the waiter being so taken aback when we ordered 1 pizza to be split by 2 people, as if this was a dreadful sin to order so little. After one bit Matt exclaimed “I’ve never had pizza until today“, 3 seconds later the plate was empty and our second pizza was warming in the oven, when in Italy always listen to your waiter, they know best.

So far the show stopper in Thailand has got to be Massaman curry. Ranked number one in an article titled World’s 50 most delicious foods from CNNGo in 2011, Massaman curry is sweet, sour, creamy, fragrant and slightly spiced, just perfect.