Koh Pha Ngan food market.

Today we rented a fun bright pink scooter (for about $5) and went off on a frightening adventure. Koh Pha Ngan is a mountainous island with dreadful roads, some inclining to a shocking 35 degrees! Thankfully Matt has many years experience driving scooters and motorcycles plus he has driven around this island several times about 6 years ago. I sat behind my man and held on for dear life, only peeking from time to time to catch a few breathtaking views.

Here’s a little outdoor food bazaar, sadly most things were closing down when we arrived.






Mind-blowingly spicy yellow curry with pork and crunchy bits I believe were a type of mushroom.


Stewed chicken curry, it tasted like something my mom would make, very yummy.


Deep fried chicken on a stick with chili sauce. I also had a delicious mango, lime and raspberry shake.