Montreal style bagels.

One of the things I miss about living in Montreal are the bagels. I want to be clear here, “Montreal bagels” and “Canadian style bagels” are 100% not the same thing, most of my West Coast friends reading my blog have possibly never actually enjoyed a “real” bagel in their lives. The perfect bagel should be crusty on the outside, light and tender in the inside (but not soggy), it should be sweet and salty, uneven in shape so that every bagel has a extra crispy bits AND lovely chewy bits, a true bagel should be enjoyed fresh and should make you smile every time it blesses your mouth.


I’ve never seen a bagel in Bulgaria, not even once, so I decided it was time to roll up my sleeves and test out a recipe.


Luckily I found a perfect recipe on my first attempt, it was easy to follow, didn’t require too many ingredients and the results were fantastic!

Click here for recipe.


Once boiled.


Ta-da! Yummy bagels, not as wonderful as a “real” bagel fresh out of a wood oven in Montreal but a very close substitute for when I am so far away.