Now this was a treat!

I just love the concept of this Katerini restaurant and as you can see, it appeals to everyone else too. Tables clustered together accommodating the large influx of people (does anybody go to work here?  Where is the Greek crisis??), the dining room décor is simple, making you feel like you’re eating in the restaurant’s pantry with a clear view into the open kitchen, the menu is genius, 5 simple appetizers with a half liter of wine or Tsipouro  for 5 euros.   




Chosen from the A La Carte menu, baked feta with spicy peppers and tomato. Warm, creamy and smooth, not tangy like the feta we know in Canada.




Salad, parsley potatoes, tzatziki, rice cooked with mussels and baked beans.




Round two: more feta, fried sardines, hot pepper cheese dip, lemon potatoes and chicken croquettes with mustard.