On our way to Krakow

Our trip down south has been great so far. The Malbork castle was beautiful as you can tell from former posts. Unfortunately they only give you access to a few of the rooms inside, the rest of the courtyard has souvenir shops and restaurants. Boo.
The following night we stayed in Mława, the city where Matt’s mom was born. A small pretty city with a large central park. Matt hadn’t visited this town since he was about 8 years old.
Next, Warsaw. We spent 2 days in the “fan zone”, a place designated for broadcasting the opening match of the Euro2012 football match. Millions of people painted in red and white partied and cheered in the city centre. What a gong show. Matt lost his phone and is now the proud owner of the new Samsung Note. It’s pretty darn cool, more of a space age computer than phone.

We’re on our way to Krakow. We’ve stopped in a tiny town on the outskirts for beer, WIFI, the football match and the best Polish food so far.



The lightest soup is called Flaki. It tastes like a fantastic chicken noodle soup but instead of noodles it’s tripe.
The light red soup is tomato soup with about a liter of heavy cream per cup.
The dark red soup is beet broth loaded with spices.
The tube is a meat croquette. Deep fried of course.