Our UK trip starts in Horley.

We are absolutely nuts.

December 3rd: wake up, full day of packing, cleaning, beer drinking, friend visiting and eating. Jump on a bus at 10pm and cross Bulgaria on a 7 hour bumpy, smelly bus trip.

December 4th: arrive in Sofia at 6am, take 2 metro lines to the airport, wait in Terminal 2…wait in Terminal 1, wait, wait, wait. 3.5 hour flight to Gatwick, take a bus to Horley, drink REAL British ciders and beers, eat fish & chips with burgers. Bus back to Gatwick, take an hour long bus ride to Heathrow, wait. Wait, wait, wait, bus is late, wait, wait. Take a 4 hour bus to Exeter, meet Jenner and Dan at the bus station at 11:45pm, walk 20 minutes to their flat. Sleep…finally!  



Haven’t slept in over 24 hours!!!



A proper Horley pub.





Mushy peas taste, well, mushy.