I’m in France for my mom’s 70th birthday!

Here we go again, mom and I are back in France but this time with the addition of her cool friend Barb. We are celebrating mom’s 70 birthday in style, renting cute little apartments in Paris, Rennes, St-Malo, Bruges and then back to Paris, traveling between each by train. Our mission is to eat as many oysters as we possibly can, try at least one new cheese per day, drink unmentionable amounts of good wine and laugh until our cheeks hurt.

Marrakesh, Morocco.

Well, this is different…

We’ve visited around 40 countries in the last decade and of course we started seeing similarities between all the places travelled. “Oh, this is so Eastern Europe” or “Oh, this reminds me of a French village but with a Greek vibe…” 24 hours in Morocco and I’m totally surprised! The airport is like a mega ritzy shopping center from the future, the cab drivers are as scammy as they come, the “streets” are a total mess/maze, it’s busy at all times, everything either smells amazing or DISGUSTING, the people are pushy and wonderful, cats everywhere ranging from beautiful show cats to sticky, half balding street cats. We are having so much fun! 

Fall dishes

Pork tenderloin with a brown sugar, garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika and cayenne rub and peas and mushrooms.

Creamy tortellini, chickpea, cauliflower soup.

Roasted lemon, marjoram and garlic chicken.

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