Paris Day 3. 1-2-3-Arrondissement.

Paris day 2. 19th Arrondissement.

I’m in France for my mom’s 70th birthday!

Here we go again, mom and I are back in France but this time with the addition of her cool friend Barb. We are celebrating mom’s 70 birthday in style, renting cute little apartments in Paris, Rennes, St-Malo, Bruges and then back to Paris, traveling between each by train. Our mission is to eat as many oysters as we possibly can, try at least one new cheese per day, drink unmentionable amounts of good wine and laugh until our cheeks hurt.

Our $1000 layover. Brussels, Belgium.

This was meant to be a long layover in Brussels with just enough time to explore the Christmas markets. Well, ummmm, yeah, SOMEONE or SOMEONES didn’t look at the tickets properly and didn’t notice that our second flight was in a completely different airport on the other side of town! OOPS!

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