Parking in the right spots.

When you travel in a camper your parking spot can truly make or break your vacation time. Our Nice seaside location couldn’t be better.

1-The view. Mediterranean sea, rocky cliffs, cool boats, etc.

2-Water. There’s a public tap with drinking water only 10 meters away.

3-Showers. A local guy gave me the key card for the marina showers the second day we arrived.

4-There’s a beautiful storm drain close by ideal for pee pee dumping.

5-Local cafes and stores all around us for food purchasing and computer recharging.

6-And the best feature is right our our window, a seaside walkway  with hundreds of curious French locals who love to stop by to chat and pet the cats.  






These little girls where so cute, they were just in love with the cats.



We met a lovely woman named Nora and she explained the history behind all the huge villas nestled in the hills. Nora is full of life, fed us chocolates and made us giggle the whole time.

Two French couples stopped by to ask us a thousand questions about campervaning  as they plan on taking three years off work to start an adventure of their own.



Last night after dark we went to the beach downstairs and sat with a group of young people. When I first asked to sit with them one of the girls said “ok but what do you want?”, I laughed and replied that we needed nothing but we wanted to sit with them because we liked their music. She snicker/smiled  and proceeded to tell me to stop drinking that awful pink vinegar (our one euro plastic jug of Rose) and poured us each a cup of proper Rose with a strong grapefruit flavor.



The rest of the night was a blast,  they whipped  out a tiny BBQ and cooked us Merguez sausages and lamb chops, yes LAMB CHOPS. After eating we smoked mint Shisha and exchanged stories. I was talking a mile a minute in my best French while our new friends practiced their English with Matt.





I have a feeling that the second we leave France  we will start to miss it.