Phnom Penh, Cambodia fun.

I’m saving most of our travel pictures for when I come home and have a proper computer. I just wanted to let you know that we are head over heels in love with Cambodia. The food is great, it’s wild and chaotic and the people are the nicest, warmest, most happy people on the planet. The only sad thing we’ve noticed so far is that the sex trade, especially child sex, is so readily available. I see so many single men roaming the streets often coupled with girls or boys a quarter their age. Many bad things happen here.

We are on the top floor of a clean hotel with a rooftop pool. Check out our view, we can see the Royal Palace from here.


Rooftop pool with view of the Mekong River.


The loveliest lady on the planet (with the exception of Kathleen Bordas).












The markets are a bit much…even for me.


Matt’s worst nightmare.