Sadness in Romania.

Last Sunday was a gloomy day in Constanta Romania in every sense of the word. At noon, we parked a block away from a brand new busy mall and spent the next 4 hours sitting in the warm food court recharging our electronics, stealing Wifi, drinking beers and staying dry from the pouring rain. Coming back, we turned onto our street my heart sank, our van, our house for the last 6 months had been broken into. The thieves pulled back our fancy door lock, ripping the side of the van  open like a sardine tin then popped open the lower half of our door and crawled in. This is what they took: our crappy GPS that we never use (it sent us down one way streets in the wrong direction several times), a few watches, our tiny no name camera with a few memory cards, a wooden box full of Halloween chocolates and sadly they also took our fancy Canon camera and carrying case (we usually have it with us but it was too gloomy to play photographer that day). The police came and tried their best to help/console us but it was pretty clear that nothing could be done and we must cut our losses.

Bad luck, we parked on a lit and busy street near a big brand new mall, we locked all our doors plus our security locks, everything was hidden from sight,  it was a Sunday between noon and four, what else could we have done?  The police said that they are very short staffed with only 3 cars patrolling the entire city. The gypsies take advantage of this plus, they really have nothing to lose.

The damage to the car is now repaired and we must carry on. We were fortunate enough to have all of our other gadgets with us at the time and most importantly, our documents left untouched and the car mostly unharmed. Sadly, the thieves took our things and left behind a feeling of unease.


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