Shopping for a new home. Part 1

By the time we celebrated our 10th month of living in the van we knew that the trip needed to come to a pause, work needs to be done, showers need to be taken and the desire for a somewhat stable routine finally kicked in. Little to worry my travel blog followers, the van will never be sold and we already have a few routes mapped out for our next trips. I know that even if we stay put for a little while the nomad lifestyle has etched something deep within us and we will never truly feel attached to one place for too long.

Decision making time. Last November Matt and I discovered the municipality of Burgas in Bulgaria and completely fell in love with the place; Sunny Beach, the resort town with a wealth of entertainment possibilities in the summer months, Nessebar, the lovely ancient town on an island and Burgas, a cosmopolitan city with so much to offer. When it came time to agree on where we wanted to lay our roots Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast was a no brainer. No time was wasted, the second we parked the van in Nessebar we set out to talk to some real estate agents. We had 3 different companies showing us on average 4 condos a day for 3 days plus one other guy sending us leads via email. Go big or go home right?

This is the first studio we saw and really liked, it’s bright and large with  a very spacious balcony but the bathroom, kitchen and floors need to be replaced. Matt especially loved the building because it has a huge pool with a swim-up bar.       



Floor to ceiling windows and an interesting space for the kitchen.






Contender number 2 is a new construction a little bit off the main strip. We considered this place because we could finish it ourselves, the kitchen area is massive, floor to ceiling windows and it’s a walk-up on the first floor with a spot for a mini garden.



The downsides of new construction are; you have to live in a construction zone for a few months, plus you have no idea what will happen with all the construction around you, will they ever  build a road?






Most of the other viewings were uninspiring, ranging from communist era looking buildings to tiny hotel rooms with no kitchens, all with an average square footage of 320 sq/ft!

DSC06189    DSC06067DSC06051    DSC06057DSC06070    DSC06134DSC06139    DSC06143DSC06147    DSC06150DSC06151    DSC06153DSC06159    DSC06161