Spaying our kittens, a sad and happy story.

Throughout our lives both Matt and I have always owned male cats  Male cats tend to be a little more relaxed, less high maintenance and recover very quickly from getting neutered. When our girls hit the 6 1/2 month mark we thought getting them spayed would be a no brainer. 

The operations took over 2 hours, Misiu went first (I assume the vet chose her to go first to shut her up), then it was Stotinki’s turn. When it was time to bring them home I was shocked to find them in such a poor state. Misiu had barely woken up, her pupils dilated to full black saucers, she swayed left to right like Stevie Wonder at his piano, confused, sad and hurting. Stotinki was handed back to me in a plastic blanket, limp and mostly lifeless, I guess this is how it works in Bulgaria.

When we got home I laid my sick kittens on a blanket and watched as they came to. Stotinki slowly arose, shivering, lost and confused, exactly the same way I did when I woke up from my last surgery. The vet warned me that they would remain blind for the day which made it even harder to comfort them. Uneasy, they would drag their lip bodies across the floor with their shaky non responsive arms, trying to find a spot to hide. Misiu crawled under the sofa and tried to sleep the rest of the day while Stotinki found comfort on the cool floor in the bathroom. Only I could successfully pet her without her growling (she’s never growled in her life).  



Paranoid and overprotective I slept on the sofa to make sure they wouldn’t attempt to climb the stairs. To my surprise around 3am Misiu jumped on the sofa and slept by my side until morning.

photo (1)


The next day the girls were doing much better, the vet did a great job, no infections or problems. Misiu would sleep in the middle of the action at all times while Stotinki became very recluse.

photo (2)


The biggest shock of the whole process is once they returned home from the vet Stotinki started to HATED her sister. Hissing, growling, completely tense when Misiu was within eyesight. Look at this picture taken the day before surgery, thick as thieves, I would have never guessed this would happen. Of course I Googled “sister cats hissing after being spayed” but no one had a concrete answer or solution. Cats are an enigma. Matt and I were so torn up about the kitten’s feud, why couldn’t they comfort each other in such sad times?  



Day 6 and you could tell that they didn’t hurt anymore. Stotinki emerged from under the bed and Misiu got her voice back (oh joy) but the animosity remained.

photo (4)


Today is day 7 and I’m proud to announce that we got woken up this morning by a Catnado. The sisters are back at it, running laps after each other around the house, jumping up the stairs 3 at a time and crashing into walls, furniture and windows at high speeds. I predict them sleeping together on Matt’s computer chair by tomorrow.

photo (3)