Stick to savory, Amalia!

It all started with 1 bored girl and 4 innocent egg whites. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not very good at just sitting. Sure, I can watch TV and movies non-stop for hours on end but I’m usually cooking or crafting something at the same time. Last night the 4 egg whites sitting in refrigerator where driving me crazy, I hate wasting food and I know that egg whites have a short shelf life, what should I make with them!!?! After some serious Pinteresting I decided to make Royal Icing Sugar, looked easy enough; eggs whites, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, blue food colouring because why not, and a splash of  vinegar (in lieu of cream of tartar). Whip, whip, whip and OMG, WHAT! I never read the recipe through, I just made a LITER of Royal Icing Sugar! I don’t even like desserts!



Ok, well now I needed something to “ice”. Wow, I really didn’t think this through. Back on Pinterest and a few minutes later I decide to make Old Fashion BAKED Sour Cream Doughnuts. I’ve made fried doughnuts many times before and they always turn out so delicious, why not attempt the healthier version.  Mix, mix, mix, bake and TA DA!!!! I think I’ve nailed it.