TA DA!! Our new place. Shopping for a new home. Part 2 (scroll down for Part 1).

It was meant as a joke, Matt asks our friendly realtor Ivan if there are any cool spaces with stairs. “Stairs! I’ve always wanted a place with stairs, I think it’s so cool, only fancy people have loft spaces!” Matt exclaims excitedly. Ivan gladly shows us a top floor studio loft down the street from a small place we were viewing, “Looking is free, no problem”.

From the moment we pulled up to the cheerfully bright orange building we knew we were in trouble. A secure paved park lot in plain view from the suite, a nice swimming pool, 6th floor, South- West facing, floor to ceiling windows, a nice bathroom with a tub and heated floors and of course, STAIRS! Well, that was it, we’re in love. That night Ivan work his magic and by the next day the loft would be ours if we were willing to pay a premium.

Imagine buying a condo in Canada right now, think of the price difference between a first floor 300 square foot studio with an ugly bathroom, buckling laminate floors and a hotel style kitchenette compared to a brand new, move-in ready, sunny top floor loft with a deck and a bathroom no different than one  in a brand new downtown Vancouver condo. Astronomical difference I’m sure. Not in Bulgaria! I won’t get into too many details but the price difference was less than %25.

We couldn’t be happier, our new loft space is amazing. We’ve been hard at work making the place our own, painting, furnishing and replacing a few things here and there, things are really coming together. Surprisingly Matt and I are on the same wave length when it comes to the decorating, NYC industrial loft meets contemporary beach house. The paint is matched with the blue water of the Black Sea, the furniture is very unconventional yet functional (every centimeter counts in a small space), my kitchen is fully equipped and Matt has the house wired up to the nines with computers, 46 inch TV, tablets, Apple TV and countless other gadgets. 

Here are the “before” pictures, the “afters” will be coming shortly, we might even make a small video to walk you through.

This gives you a good view of our space, the stairs have no landing at the bottom and the kitchen is in a different direction but you get the idea.


Having a bathtub in Bulgaria is like winning the lottery, nobody has them. We only discovered the heated floors after we moved in, it’s like a foot spa every time you walk on them, especially in the middle of the night when it’s cold.



How the heck can I cook in this tiny kitchen!?! I came up with some great ideas, I’m really excited to show you the final product.